Friday, February 11, 2011


Draped in cerulean colored jersey and carbon black denim, I checked myself again in front of the mirror for one last time. Rating myself 20 on 10, I eventually geared myself up to meet princess of fairyland Avantika, my valentine

It’s been over10 minutes that I have been waiting for her near plaza with a bunch of red roses, a “U R THE ONLY ONE FOR ME” card and few Bournville chocolates. It’s been the 10 minutes of sheer excitement and desperation with lot of things going across my mind (typical guy I am, u can easily guess what was going through).

Anyways, she finally arrived and did I mention how gorgeous she looked. She was wearing those ultra seductive red mini (probably micro) skirts with her hairs flowing in tandem with each of her steps. She reminded me of those classic khajuraho sculpture that, atleast in my mind, is profoundly engraved.

She came closer to me, said, Happy Valentine’s Day baby and brushed a kiss through my cheeks. Thereafter I took her to one of the coziest (and costliest) of the restaurants to have our candle light dinner.....

blah blah blah blah

Yeaahh u got it, its never been my story but yupps, that has been the story I have watching a lot around, sometimes it’s so frustrating to see this that I feel like joining Bajrang Dal or Shivsena and then do all those patak patak kar pitaai to all those new bees

Well my story is like yours. I am single and probably romantically challenged. My story has been of a guy who is standing in the platform of a big railway station where lot many trains arrive and go. Though I am quite choosy about the peculiar train I am looking for, I must say whenever I choose a train that train always gives me a waitlisted status which never gets confirm in due course of time. Sometimes there have been circumstances when I just felt that this time it may get confirm, but then suddenly in the last moment some guy with VIP quota grabs my seat. Worst is the Taltkal ticket holders, who come to the station the very last moment, make extra investments that you can’t afford and then swipe your seat just below your feet.

However, being single is not that bad. Whenever I see a new train coming, more elegant and blissful, I feel glad that I didn’t take the last train. I mean there is no point in catching the train that passes through few stations and then cease to move. Adding to that, it feels good that still, all the trains are equally available to me. Needless to mention, these days passengers and trains are changing each other so frequently that you just don’t know that when you are going to hit the jackpot.

But since this is valentine and my train is like super late (probably derailed), I have decided that I am gonna check out all the trains that are coming across. I will also fix my eyes on following facts

1. Which passenger got which train
2. Which train is carrying more than 1 passenger at one time with both the passengers unaware of each other
3. Which passengers have more than one confirmed seat and which seat they finally take?

PS: what a crap
PPS: This valentine I will like to convey the same message that I tried to convey last
Holi and Diwali...PLAY SAFE