Friday, September 28, 2012

The Date

DLF Saket, New Delhi
5 o' Clock, evening
20th September, 2012

I was waiting for her. This time near Big Chill. I was dressed in the best way possible I can and by that I mean neat and clean clothes firmly ironed. I checked, checked, rechecked, and again checked myself in the nearby mirror (of a parked Maruti 800 car) realizing the fact that there is no scope of further improvement. 15 min passed and no trace of her yet. The desperation level reached new high with every passing second. Guys, It’s been over 1.5 years since the last time we met and these days,  I have seen even my phone battery at times, lasted longer than most people relationships, so, you can imagine what I was going through.  

Finally, she arrived. 15 min late. That’s another thing that her past track record suggests that she is at least 15 min before time. Needless to say, she looked beautiful. I mean just a plain violet top and carbon black jeans were sufficient enough to wreck my world. She has a beautiful pair of eyes, her skin has the glow of a peach, her cheeks are like apples and her lips like cherries (am I giving a description of a Fruit Salad???). Trust me guys, if she were a Burger at McDonald's, she would have been named McGorgeous. She looked perfectly in shape, FAIRER and elegant. During a stroll, the song that struck my mind at that point of time was Michael Jackson's Black or White (Me Black, Shez White).
We have decided to watch a movie together. I had options of booking advance tickets of Barfii (IMDB rating 9.0) and THAT’S My Boy (IMDB rating 5.1), Booked 2 corner seat tickets for That’s My Boy. The reason being she may lose the interest in watching the damned movie and we can chit chat during the entire movie.

("Chit chat" u understand rite?) 

So, the movie started and as far as I am concerned, was ultra boring. Within 15 minutes, I realized no sane man can bear the same. On the contrary, she was immersed in the quagmire of that ghastly boring movie. Still, I made a move. I wrapped my hands around her neck and pulled her near to me. She hesitated initially but did not refuse. Considering it a green signal, I went a step ahead tried to give a peck on her cheeks.

 chatttttttaaaaaaakkkk (over my right wrist)

All I can say, if my girl dresses to kill, she also hits the same way.
I remember the sound was so much emphatic that it felt like someone has been slapped right and tight on his face. In that situation, no surprises, for guessing, who is that “someone”. The full house cinema theatre turned and glanced towards me. Some giggled, others laughed. Everyone understood what just happened and on a embarrassment scale of 1-10, I was at fucking 15. The rest of the movies passed without any action (there were few in the movie though). Poor me.

Hard Rock Cafe (HRC)

At 9 we got free. As planned, we went to HRC. These days, what I use to do is whenever I go to say HRC, BBQ etc, I just say to our waiter that I am here for the 1st time and then start their royal service. They treat you with utmost care with zero margin of error. I n her were having a good time there until we decided to have shots. Till then, 2 LIITs already started to knock us down. We had 6 shots altogether.2 hours of complete knock out experience.

And then the bill arrived; the worst part of any date. I knew we have drunk a lot. Way above our standards. I remember when I was looking up the bill; I felt I am opening up the checked answer copy of an exam that I have badly totally deeply screwed. And yes, the bill was way above what I expected, unlike in case of marks which is generally the other way around. The bill came around 5.5K. She looked at me. I looked at her. And then we both knew whoz gonna pay the bill.

Why me?

Simple answer: I am a BOY

No doubt, Date went more than perfect except that my balance sheet was no more balanced, continuous cash outflows has shook the very foundation of the same. Income statement was more of an Expense statement. The word Profit in the Profit n Loss Account seems redundant. Though the NPV (Net Present Value), as per the present economic condition of this relationship, financially seemed to be negative but deep inside I knew, there are few things that money can’t buy. The one smile worth dying for, the one hug worth living for, the one “I love u too” worth remembering, the one hangover worth forgetting encapsulate a sequel of experiences I can’t just stop envisioning.

Time of my Life...

PS: Hope my dad is not reading this as all the Balance Sheet, Income statement, PnL account I am talking about belongs to him.


Anonymous said...

I cant stop smiling :)
what a read! totally fab!

McGorgeous <3

Kshipra said...

WHat a lovely little post. :)
Hahaha, all worth mc.gorgeous's last words?

Abhishek Bhardwaj said...

Always turn to your Blog if I need some laughter.
Liked the Chit Chat part :P

Anjali said...

hehe... was a fun read...
u got return gift too..:P:P
though not that good one ....

Shreya at Jumbodium said...

simply fab. Loved the story. I enjoyed the billing part its 5.5k seriously? Too good. Keep it up.

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