Sunday, January 8, 2017

What does it feel like to be an introvert?
So Unsocial
1. Birthdays: I hate it, unconditionally. Unwarranted attention and superficial wishes makes my birthday miserable. I feel there is absolutely no reason to celebrate birthdays. On the contrary, congratulating parents on your birthday still makes sense because afterall, it was their tireless efforts (:P) that brought you in this world.
On birthdays, We loved to be left alone. we hope the days passes out (rather dies out) just like any other day.
2. Trips: I get excited when a group plan gets cancelled. Stay-Vacationing is my thing. Being alone is such a bliss. In case I have to go, high chances, deep inside, I wont be happy about it. When the entire group is worried if X, Y and Z are turning up for the trip or not, my prime concern would be my earphones and my charger.
Pink Floyd: Check
Queen: Check
One Republic: Check
Arijit Singh: Check
A random book I need to read which I wont even open: Check
Packing my Tees and jeans will take 5 minutes but updating my playlist may take an hour. Reason being I always feel I am gonna get bored no matter what. Earphones and playlist come to my rescue then.
3. Mismanagement: Unlike expected otherwise, I am mismanaged and lazy. In a trip, I may forget my toothbrush and cleaned socks but never my earphones and mobile charger.
4. Sense of Comfort: I feel comfortable at home. no matter its a 1 BHK studio or a 7BHK bungalow, when I am in, I are in. That’s my home and I seldom pray for change. Trust me, I avoid changing my room because I do put a lot of effort to have that sense of togetherness with it. Its a carbon-carbon bond. Currently, even I go to my parents' place, for a day or two, I have trouble, sleeping.
5. Observation Skill: I observe a lot. Mainly people. I am not a good listener (unlike as expected) but when I meet a new set of people, I take time to blend in. Its like a challenge for me to understand whats going up in their head and I personally love it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge, I just try to know/understand them.
6. I get bored: The feelings can be mutual. I tend to get bored very easily. Once, i kind of understand their basic traits, its all over. I genuinely like introverts since at times, we both are silent but then its not awkward.
7. Move on : I move on people & places very fast. I adopt fast. A year back in Hyderabad, now in Pune, no problem, keep my mouth shut, observe & GEL. I forget the yesteryears quick. The worst part it there is no coming back. Best Looking friends in Hyderabad are not even remembered here in Pune. Tomorrow if I move to Bangalore, history gonna repeat.
8. Calls: I get jitters when I receive a call. I suck at it, forget the unknown unwarranted calls, even a known contact calling, I may not pick. I know it sounds rude but then I really don’t know what to talk. I am more comfortable picking up calls of people whom I meet on a daily basis, like office colleagues and all because I know that call wont last long.
9. Over-thinkers: No, I don’t over-analyze a situation or my life, NEVER. I keep it simple. Like one day at a time. But I have own my thought processes where I think of every illogical thing that you can come up with. Like a start-up plan, like performing in Indian Idol- season "who the hell cares", like saving my office from a terrorist attack. In my office, I have already examined few places where I can hide my friends (I have few) in cluster if there is a terrorist attack. The crux is, my mind is never free , like never at peace and at times, i hate it. if there is a problem, I cant solve, I wont be comfy.
10. Attention seekers: I am not. I rarely post anything on FB, lest forget updating profile pictures. Even I did something good for which I am congratulated in a public platform, I will be embarrassed. I don’t want to be known popular face but rather be a random guy in the corner. Attention makes me uncomfortable. Again, please be assured that it doesn’t mean I am not ambitious, I am excessively goal-oriented, just that I wont seek your assistance attaining that.
11. Trust Worthy: You can keep a secret with me and I wont divulge a word.
12. Lone Movie Freak: I watch a lot of movies, Mostly in theaters. ALL ALONEWont even let my roommate know that I am leaving for a movie. I don’t want any company. I will try to get a corner seat so that no one disturbs me throughout. I have watched like 3 movies in a day all in theaters back to back multiple times without being slightly bored or exhausted.
14. WhatsApp: Heavily active there. But I have muted all the active groups. Disabled READ Blue ticks. No more last seen applicable. I don’t want to sound rude, its just that I don’t want to act like a douche ignoring read messages.
In a nutshell
" Loneliness is a logical consequence of individualism"


murthy_thehandsome(?) said...

Really awesome post brother! i can totally relate to it. especially point nos. 1,4,6,710,11&12. Totally...totally....
Even i like being away from limelight. we have so similar thoughts man... yaar tu mera bhai hain....confirmed... kumbh ke mele main hum shayad bichad gaye the... :P

Yaar after 4 years you have written something and i can say its really awesomely written. Loved it.
Keep writing brother. Want to read more of good posts coming from you.

kavi said...

I would highly appreciate if you guide me through this. Thanks for the article…
Nice One...
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