Monday, December 28, 2009

Another east side story

Sometimes when I think about that golden period,
around a decade back, when I was just a hebetudinous idiot.
In class 8th I was, just engrossed in books
love and romance, far away from their hooks.

Then in my class, came this ravishing girl,
mesmerized everyone like a scintillating pearl.
Her every svelte move amassed enormous attention.
My word!!! She was like heaven's priceless possession.

Soon she got the deserved "celebrity" stardom,
Flattering bozos trying hard to make an impression.
For a guy like me who was just a face in the crowd
she simply seems to be out of destination.

Then one day, she came to my seat
asked me…if I am not wrong, Are you Vineet?
Flying high, I replied YES
asked my fellow, has sun rose from the west?

She continued, can u lend me your history sheets
but, I didn’t listen what she speaks
her brown hazel eyes had done the trick
alluring, sensual with a touch of mischief.

Yes, sure, sure yes..I stammered like hell,
can’t help...she was the princess of damsel.
Every other guy was jealous cum horrified,
what plot did this nerd has employed.

Geez!!I had a big crush on that bonny beauty
childhood love, they are pure, free from treachery
can’t forget those maiden sleepless nights
still, must confess, it was like a memorable misery.

Time played a role and so did the fate.
My dad posted then to a different place
years we didn’t talked we didn’t nattered
my binding crush, finally tattered.

Then few years later, I did manage a call
her voice hypnotized me like a Christmas snowfall
blushed, she revealed without a clue
trust me Vineet, I HAD a crush on you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Its not a movie review...

11th December,i.e.the day before yesterday.5 o'clock evening in the office.

Me: Murthy, we should start in around 10 minutes from now.Show time is at 6:50 p.m.
Murthy: cmon Vineet, its just a 15 min drive for me,I know a shortcut.
Me:How come just 15 minutes.Bus 32B(yeahh,its the bus number....what you thought?) takes around an hour to reach.
I was kinda desperate to go to INOX for watching twilight,plus it was at CITI centre, the place in Chennai where you can find the so called variety of humans species called " GIRLS".

Murthy:Chill dude,you just leave everything on me.Same old typical mein hoon naa dialogue.
I froze.whenever he had said had led to disastrous culminations.But I didn't know that today, he is going to add another feather in his cap of continuum screwball.

5:20 p.m.
Me(almost in his knees):Murthy,please bey..lets start naa.We will be late.
Murthy: chill man.
Me: (irritated)asshole u gonna come or not!
Murthy(finally):wait for me at the lower basement.I am coming within 1 minute.

I went and waited.10 minutes gone, still he didn't turned up.I tried calling him.No network.Thanks to Tata Docomo which needs some special medium for delivering the signal.
I came to ground floor and waited there.After 10 min or so,he came and guess what, straight away approached me and asked "where you have been?".
I gave that peculiar stern gaze of mine and replied"paying the final installment to the mafia for killing someone I hate the most"
Murthy:okokok!sit at the back. (as if Honda Activa has other options also)

It was 5:40 pm.

As soon as we came out on to the main road..Heavy traffic.
Cars, bikes, cycles all where moving at the same speed.
We too were driving at a phenomenal speed of 20km/hr.(
All I can say,
In India you drive on the left side of the road.
In Chennai you drive on what is left on the road.
Felt like Wright Brothers must be driving on this road only when they thought of flying.

We were still away from the target area.I had no idea where we were. I asked Murthy,are we on the right path?
Murthy(as usual): 110% dude.
Gosh! I love his confidence of never giving up and mine too for everytime giving up on him.
Me : How long from here?
Murthy :10 min
I remembered that 1 minute he mentioned about coming to the lower basement thing.

10 min later he suddenly stopped and asked a fellow passerby: Is this the way to CITI centre?
I was dumbstruck.The 110% sure guy after 10 min was asking the way out.
The fellow replied:nopes..take a U turn.go straight.Take right from some abc statue,left from some xyz hospital.again right...again left.....blah blah.

My mind swirled.U turn I presume.All I inferred from his statement was that we are still way away from INOX. I cursed Murthy from the most bottom of my heart with all my multilingual dictionary of abusive phrases.
We turned 180 degrees.

10 min later,still we were nowhere.

Its 7 o'clock now.Traffic was extreme.mid way saw a deadlock in the road coz of a squabble between a women and van driver.It was funny.Murthy even stopped driving and waited for the result of the fight between the two.Waited for another 1o min for clearance.
Finally we do made it to INOX at around 7:35p.m.
45 minutes late.

I entered the theatre. No one was there to escort us to the predefined seats.We saw the 1st row empty. Sat there till interval(yeahhh....just20 minutes).Movie was good.Kristen Stewart looked godly beautiful.Alas!My mom may search someone like her for me too.

9:15 p.m. movie ended.But ours started yet again.
As soon as we came out,I pleaded Murthy not to take any shortcut this time. I have some work next morning.
We came out but soon we realized that we have not taken the parking tickets in utter hurry.Paid the penalty for that.Then after moving few blocks away, Murthy overdrove the red signal.Police saw us, whistled and we, like an ideal Indian citizen, thought of escaping.But his wide fearless eyes rest assured us that if we are caught,our birth certificates are just a worthless document.
We screeched to halt and tried to negotiate.
Me: Sir, we are completely new to this place.
Policeman:Cmon man, red light anywhere in the world means "STOP".
Murthy:Sir, Spare us this time,we won't repeat this ever.
Policeman:Pay the penalty this time, I won't charge you ever.
Initially he said that he will charge Rs 350 but sweet pathetic faces of us made him to compromise at Rs 200.
(actually for Rs 200, he don't have to go for challans and hence that money straight away goes in his pocket).
While returning saw a bike accident LIVE.No one died but still it had an impact over us.After that,Murthy was driving at a speed of 30kmph on a 8 lane "almost empty" road.

Soon it started raining. We stopped in between for another 30 minutes. It was now 10:40 p.m.
We reached our area at around 11p.m. only to find that Dominos was closed.I slept hungry though kept on cursing Murthy to satisfy my hunger.

so that was the much awaited Twilight movie I watched apparently with a Tube-light.
P.S.: Women won the fight between her and the van driver.Another"as expected"result.
P.S. 2: Murthy was planning to write this post in his blog by replacing his name by me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2nd CED(Civil Engineering Department)

Every morning in Africa, a deer wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest deer or it will starve to death.
It doesn't matter if you are a lion or a deer. When the sun comes up, you better start running.

Guys,welcome to civil engineering department. Daily classes from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. kept us running only.Every morning, I wake up cursing the ever punctual sun and then my room-mates Pankaj and Arpit.In final year,the TnP(training and placement)in-charge took that honor.Even then,no matter when I wake up,I always reach late.Sometimes searching for the room keys,notebook(and not notebookS),socks and trust me sometimes I do wear different color combination of socks in utter frustration.

CED was damn hap.An exquisite mix of students of all states.Seeing different languages varying from hindi,telugu,bengali to marathi,tamil and manipuri and diverse living style of everyone in a single room was altogether a complete different experience.Perhaps,this was the best thing that I liked being an NITian.You can see the cultures flowing in and out there.In just a month or so,the feeling of being a bihari or telugu or mallu, bengali etc. was dissolved.No matter of all the differences we had,there were few things that were common in all of us.
1. we all curse mess food
2. we all hate to wake up early
3. we all(almost) were prompt to bunk classes.

The reason why i wrote "almost" was because of the guys like Ajay(fondly called saanpu coz of his eccentric body structure) who was always into classes like a dog is always into bones.Bunking for him was a sin, a ticket to hell.The almost topper of our department had all the "nakhdas" of being the superior.Just like a superhit actress in bollywood.This guy believed in just one theory of his"A friend in need is not a friend of his".

Classes technically were boring.I remember the Building drawing classes and trust me,I really suck big time in visualizing the 3D image of anything.Cmon,drawing triangular mountains and a circular sun on a chart paper took 20 years of mine,how come the perfection in 3D view come in just one semester.Classes on structures added the last nail in the coffin.Stress-strain curves added stress on my mind and strain in my fingers.Still,whatever be the situation,how boring be the classes,there was fun all around.
All I can say"the road to success is always under construction"

P.S: regardin ajay...this guy had a sea change in his attitude in next coupe of years.More of like a Down to Earth guy( still above many of us) who was always ready to help.