Friday, May 28, 2010

Life @ DPS(Delhi Public School) Vindhyanagar

28th April,2000, around 7 am in the morning

My 1st day in a new school( in class IXth)

I was standing outside the school gate gazing at the school edifice, a bit lost, supplemented by jittery when suddenly a bike jostled passed me, almost hitting me out and then rushed inside the school campus.

I squalled: “Wot d HELL”,

The guy didn’t give a shit and went away.

Well, that’s the first magic moment I remember about being in DPS. Many more to come I presumed.

Making my way into the class, escorted by none, I was quite aware of the unwanted attention I m gonna get. Same happened. As soon as I embarked inside, everyone environed me and then hell lot of questions were shot. It felt like more of a NARCO test than a mere intro. Worse, whenever a teacher enters into the classroom, whole class erupts hollering “Sir, new face, Sir new face” . (arey , I am carrying this new face for last 14 years)Then again begins the same set of questions. I stammered a lot while answering as I was not that fluent in English that time (pls don’t ask the current status) but somehow I managed. I continued to be a NEW FACE for at least next 2 weeks.

Already having a high opinion about DPS that it’s a hub of highbrows, well furnished classrooms and clean bathrooms (relatively) just fortified my conception. The school campus was impressive and so were the girls’and even more were their debonair skirts. Few skirts were so small that sometimes I felt that they are wearing the same skirt since class 4th. (Mind u, I was in class IXth).

DPS was ofcourse different. Bunch of cool guys and hot girls (conditions applied) using all those status-defining words like Cool man, Yo baby, Wassup Dude etc etc do attracted me initially. Unlike my previous school, English seems to be the communicating language here. (At least when u are speaking to a girl). Even I became use to this show-off life soon. I remember after few months, when, yet again, I was standing outside the school campus gazing at the edifice, a bit lost when suddenly a bike jostled passed me almost hitting me out, thereafter rushing inside the school campus,
I squalled: W
ot the FUCK (saw the difference?)

And this time, that guy returned the favor by showing up his middle finger.

All I can say, it was Cooooooolllllll

Nevertheless, Morning assembly was harrowing. Scheduled to start at 7:30am, I never saw it to begin before 7:50. Other than that, every aspect of it sucks. The real pain in the ass was the when the commander of the assembly announces” Now I will request our honorable (=?) Principal sir to please address the assembly” and believe me, u can see, in unison, 3000 head dropping dead altogether.

Holy shit, his addressing, or rather molesting, of assembly lasts for almost 45 min daily. Standing in scorching summer with sweat dripping down the skin, I must confess, this task was horrendous. He use to start with” Yesterday I have told that…..” and then whatever he has told yesterday, he repeats it and then only comes to TODAY’s business. Just imagine our pathetica after weekends. Everyone, from a mere class 2nd toddler to the elite panel of teachers used to curse him but still it continued every single day.

However few incidents do happened that I will never ever forget in my entire life.Gonna mention 1 as of now.

Somewhere around September, 2000

Biology class,

Chapter: Life Process-2(This chapter dealt with human reproductive system­)

I can see the anticipation in everyone’s eyes before the class. I was quite sure that everyone knew everything but still, during the class, everyone was giving “ wots this shit all about look. While madam was explaining even the minute explicit details of the chapter, she never even tried to raise her head from the book. Probably she was also knowing that these guys do know everything. In between,I saw a lot many guys giggling in mischief, girls were literally biting their lips to control the urge and damn! trust me,few guys were making notes as well. Mam, after finishing the lesson, asked as usual, whether anyone is having any doubts or something, to my utter disbelief, one guy raised his hand. Whole class turned towards that guy with an immense anticipation.

This guy didn't let us down

The guy just said "mam, we want practical".

Whole class burst into laughter.

Few more incidents in the next post.

PS:back to using the word HELL these days.

PS2: I was not that guy.


PINGPONG said...

life process 2 is d best part of this blog...;)

sush said...

hahaha... good that u specified PS2... i was wondering if u were the guy :P

Abhishek Bhardwaj said...

Man you are good !
But you don't write quite often.

Anonymous said...

true story of every DPS or u can say Drama Public School

pragnya said...

it is realy a haven for me.

Anonymous said...

can you please share some more incidents!!!!!! it was truly hillarious and witty.....

Anonymous said...

can you please share some more incidents!!!!!! it was truly hillarious and witty.....