Wednesday, June 23, 2010

facebook ON

Guys, I m not here to come up with 10 more reasons “how Facebook sucks” and then put up the status msg “heyy! Check my new post” facebook on” on my FB wall to promote the same.
I am just writing this post out of utter ennui (yeaaah, I am in office) penning my experiences with FB in last 1 year.
When I was new to this FB thing, I generally use to come up with some funny status msg so as to amass some comments and popularity
I never got any.
But 1 thing I did notice, no matter what crap a girl keeps as a status on her wall, lots of comments use to flood in. I would like to cite one incident
1 girl, say G, wrote on her wall
5 min later a comment popped from a guy X
X: what happened dear?
(Man, do you think you need “something to happen” to have a Yawn)
That’s exactly what Y (another guy) counter-commented, a minute later
X (re-replied): why are you getting jealous Y?
And then crusade of comments kicked off.
X and Y fighting on the wall of G were like India and Pakistan fighting on the battle land of Japan.
M, K, D joined the war too.
Believe it, after another 2 hours or so, as many as 43 comments have been made on that ordinary status msg, in between there were few comments from the girl itself wailing “ heyy, stop this, this is my wall”( though she never deleted that msg)
Q, D, R and 7 other likes it.
Trust me guys, if I would have had 500+ friends in my friend list and would have came up with something like this on my wall , I am rest assured that my wall would have stayed virgin.

Not only this, myriad times I have seen that a fair descent pic of a guy merely emanating any comments but if a girl even keeps a pic of her sandal, u can see the flow of comments and a sequence of ‘likes it’.

There is only 1 case when something written on girls’ wall remain comment less,
That’s when, a guy writes on the girl’s wall
“heyy, wassup?? Where are you these days? Whats your new phone number”
And then…….the silence prevails
Sometimes, guys do flare up when they didn’t get the fair amount of anticipated comments and then they come up with something like “even FB has become boring these days” though they persistently add/make 2-3 msg/comments every day.
Overall, FB is a wonderful place to shit on others but when you shit on your own wall, no one spits back over it.
In love with FB (even sometimes as a mere spectator only)
PS 1: well, 1 more thing I have noticed though, that if a girl, out of nowhere, comments on a guy’s wall, comments gonna pile up for sure. Add at least 10 more comments if her profile pic suggests that she is beautiful.
PS 2: no offence guys, just getting bored so came up with this.