Sunday, November 21, 2010

how people suck @ FB

I read it somewhere that the highest population in 2020 will be in
  • India
  • China
  • Facebook
L.I.F.E. In Facebook is Exotic indeed, however,thanks to many that sometimes it looks like more of Exhausting instead of Exotic..

This are the just few aspects I see that really piss me off every single time, the extend of being pissed off can't be expressed in words though i am trying my level best to put the same
  1. Those who put Ultra-sentimental status messages(SM) every now and then:
U must have come across some SMs( or may have posted even in your wall) like. "I am broke and the one who broke it can only fix it" or "tears from my eyes in which she gazed once.

Yaaaawwwwwnnnnnn(I know its not polite but atleast its honest)

All I can say is Dude, get a life(or atleast, spare mine),
I have seen that even the quotes they keep as their SMs are generally copy,paste from some external sources and are not original. Just imagine, even,in the days of deepest gloom and despair, they don't forget to google "emotional/sentimental quotes" , and then Ctrl+Cing & Ctrl+Ving directly to their respective SM boxes. Feels like they dont even want to think deeply on their deepest gloom.

2. Those who alway cry

OMG, I am badly fucked, my life sucks etc etc.

Serious suggestion: why just dont you jump from the 15th floor of any building and see what happens. you can always share your views thereafter at your very own comunity ""

3. Those who use excessive high sounding english words in their SMs

yeaahh, I am talking about those who write "scintillating,scintillating asteriod minim" instead of twinke, twinke little star as their SMs

Dude, Dude, Dude, try your hands at GRE not on FB. apart from that, I sincerely hope that you screw these exams so badly that forget STANFORD, even SARLA BAI INSTITUE OF CERTIFIED ASSHOLES deny you a validated degree.These guys deserve the standing ovation of my middle finger.

4. Those who keep optimistic SMs no matter what.

What i mean is no matter whether they failed in 2 out of 5 exams or got 30.24%ile in CAT, their SMs will be something like
"someday sun wil shine just for me and i will rule the world"
(ok ok, got it, you are talking about the DAY when India will win the WC football defeating BRAZIL 10-0)
or some thing like"I am just waiting for the right time and right place"
(Sure sure,Cya, next millenium at planet jupiter)

5. FB Application users. ( Prayer time:dear god, please confer me the golden oppurtunity of hanging these guys till death so that my soul can rest in peace)
  • Worst is DAILY HOROSCOPE, it seems like may has subscibed to this because every morning, when I sign in my FB account, the 1st( perhaps 2nd, 3rd,4th....also)thing is this only.These people should be buried 11 feet under the ground ALIVE and while burring them, their daily horoscopes should be read loudly.
  • The other application I truly hate is " XYZ has new answers to unlock" application.When you unlock these "do or die" rated questions, you will come across questions like
a. do you think XYZ should do laundry more often.
b. do you think XYZ should wear tight clothes.
c. do you think XYZ has a funny looking nose.
etc etc.....( 15-20 Qs like these)

I am damn sure, none of XYZ, me or you or, as a matter of fact, even the Aborigines of Western Australia are anyhow bothered about it.i dont know why people do these( probably,i have to ask rajnikanth).What for these guys, well, nothing special,just rub their skin with sandpaper and then soak them in lemon juice.In between pull out their body hairs with a rusted pair of tweesers followed by fingernails and toenails

3. "How true is your love" application, when I played this game( or whatever it is), i got 98% (career best).I was smiling sheepishly coz it was true
30% for anamika
20% for tanya
35% for swati
13% for neha
but this smile was short lived coz when girls play the same game( or whatever it is) and get the same score, they also smile sheepishly as it is true for them also
30% from vineet
20% from sonu
35% from Rajesh
13% from anil
"please note that dese days, vineet, sonu, rajesh,anil can be replaced by vineeta,sonia, rajeshwari and anita also.....changing times u see"

Trust me guys, when Mark Zuckerberg, sitting in the cosy armchair eating caramel popcorn, sees these people, he must be laughing his ass off and muttering, hey assholes, because of you guys only, FACEBOOK is worth billions.

However, I thank FB for proffering me with options of
1. Hide this post
2. Hide all by Username(read son of a bitch)
3. mark as spam
which i use quite on a daily basis.
and by the way,what role i play in Facebook......well.....i am just a facebook stalker who, even being 24 hours online, rarely comes up with any updates but keep himself abreast with all the updates around.In short, Active Nonparticipating Facebook user...

PS:was just pissed off, so pissed on.