Thursday, October 21, 2010

save planet earth

Sensex yet again, touching 21K
Everything seems to be smooth like a comic play.
Economic progress on a rollercoaster ride,
Unfortunately, it’s the moral progress that’s completely denied

We are cutting the evergreen forest,
We are victimizing our land,
We are polluting our water,
To the maximum possible extent we can.

Now lay everywhere,
Tones of discarded waste.
Still 70% water around,
Hardly of this fit to taste.

Thank god, our powers are a bit shunned,
Else we would have molested the sun.
Thank god, we don’t have wings to fly,
Else we would have butchered the sky.

The shameless stuff ,
Is that we bluff.
We know about 1411 tigers left,
We know about global warming,
Keeping ourself sedentary
Is what makes this alarming.

Only thing we do
Is we show our feigned concern.
That too only on facebook
By pressing “like” button.

We must profess
We are like tumor in the brain.
To all these nuisance around
It’s us to be blamed.


Nature will strike back,
To overcome these days of loom.
Watching tsunamis and hurricanes
It feels like Judgment day is coming soon.

Time has changed
But principle remains the same.
To command the Mother Nature
Just obey the rule she sets..

Whenever I see the verdant verdure around
And the grace of star studded sky
It just makes me feel
There is something money can’t buy

Let’s celebrate Earth day
Today, Tomorrow and Everyday.
AND right now humming the famous Bryan Adam’s song
DONT FORGET “this is the place where we belong”



Anonymous said...

a must read!
People have become immune to almost everything & there is hardly anything that concerns them apart from money,stocks & shares.We must participate proactively in making this world a better place to live & remember there's a choice we are making,we are saving our own lives.

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

in sheer lack of words and overwhelming realisation..i wud just quote ur PS which pretty much sums up my comment - '' whoaa!! ''

Nethra said...

That was a wonderful piece. I'm sharing it on twitter.
By the way, humans shall suffer more than Tsunamis and hurricanes because we don't live but destroy everything around us. We wanna control everything and stick our noses in everything that's not our business.

murthy_thehandsome(?) said...

hey man... another piece of entertainment and this time it was encouraging as well.. u r not only a good orator but also a good poet... i think u should do more of peotry as well... this ONE was very educational man,... i liked it... keep rocking...
waiting for more... ye dil maange more yaar....

Abhijit Bhattacharyya said...

gotta disagree.....we cant starve off the human race to save other species....nor can the present generation be killed of for the benefits of posterity...

vineet said...

@anonymus, gulshan: thnks a lot
@nethra; i m honored coz i m even a big fan of urs wen it comes to blogging
@abhijit:i m nt asking to eliminate humans, come on i m a human. i m asking to chnage ourselves...all i wanna say that human technology owes ecology n apology... we r doing a lot bt nt in the favored manner

suraj said...

nice poem, makes you sit up and think and at the same time we can't help but admire the class in the poem.... good poetry and it is modern with the voicing of concerns over the dying planet.

prachieee said...

nice... something very similar to what i had thot. ull like this article.. check it out..


Raghavendra said...

nice writing da


excellent work!!!!!if only everybody realised it!!!!!

vineet said...

@suraj:kinda "we all know but still need a revelation truth" i know i cant reach many bt i feel i hv woke upn can attempt to raise d concerns so dat atleast we can reduce hte destruction rate in all d ways we can
@prachee: baby u rock, i loved ur poem n i thnk u beat me here, amazing n kudos to ur poetry
@journey called life:hope dat day comes bfore its 2 late..

Katrina said...

Just Interesting Post and Must Subscribe to ur Blog.

Good one !! Thump up

Jignesh said...

Fantastic work
A+ Grade From my Side.

Richa P Madhwani said...

nice post