Thursday, August 11, 2011

rakhi special !

Case Study: I and My Sister

Title: 36 ka aankra

Case topic: The pros and cons of having a younger sister.


· My sister: an overview

· Issues we have

· My sister’s skillset

· Biased role of parents

· Citing Incidents for proof (I)

· The other side

· Citing incidents for proof (II)

· Conclusion

My sister

My sister is 5 years younger to me. Being the youngest member, she is the one who make rules, break rules and amend the same as per her requirement. Her sweet, cute, adorable face and fake tears are the best ominous weapon she possesses with perfect skill to use the same with precise alacrity.

Issues we have:

To be frank, other than sharing the same set of parents, we hardly share anything else or have anything in common.If I and my sister are talking, it barely takes 10 min for turmoil to start. Thanks to our Brobdingnagian creativity that we always come up with new topic to fight. Trust me, even in selecting a topic to fight, we can have a fight. Now, I am gonna throw some light on the topics we have quarrelled:

· Who will sit in the front seat of the car?

· Who will take the window seat in the train?

· Who will take the new double-rack Mickey Mouse pencil box to school which I (note this) have seen first and purchased from the market?

· Why it’s always butter scotch flavour and not chocolate flavour ice cream that is brought in at home?

· She loves brinjal curry and I love lady’s finger. No point in guessing what is cooked more regularly.

· Why Pokémon on TV (and these days, Inuyasha (some Japanese shit which my timid brain failed to comprehend) and not Live cricket?

· Last point repeated…WHYYYYYYYYYY?

Sometimes, I just feel we have more number of issues than probably, India and Pakistan have.

My sister's Skill set:

“Good lord, save the world”

Blackmailing skills: If ever, there were a noble prize in blackmailing; my sister would have been winning it for last 20 years undisputedly. She has such a photographic memory that whenever she wants something from me which I am not accepting, she will just open the account book of my life, would pick up one unfavourable ghastly mistake that I did before (say even a decade back)and the next moment, she will pretend to stomp towards Dad mumbling that today she gonna reveal everything. Next scene: Her foot, my faceL

Remember, I got one New Year greeting card from one girl (who was not even my girlfriend) which my sis, somehow, discovered. The next thing I remember is for the next 2-3 weeks she made me do all her maths and science homework and along with that she compelled me to watch all those stupid animes with her. Condition applied: she won’t tell it to mom.

Acting Skills: I bet 20 on 10. Whenever she is losing any argument (very rare event indeed, you have better chances of seeing Haley’s comet than to see my sister loosing), she will gradually drag the venue of fight near to the place where my mom is sitting and henceforth either of the two under-mentioned casemay ensue

1. Suddenly, within a minute, she may start crying with REAL tears.

2. She somehow brings me inside the hullaballoo as a result of which the whole focus is shifted to me.

In either case, it’s Game Over for me. My mom will lambast me thereafter while my sister in the back ground continues winking at me.

One incident I would like to quote

Once, I complained my mom that Sis always compels me to do her homework. My mom thereafter started berating her. After couple of minutes,

My sis (with teary-weary eyes): you always scold me for minute things but never to bhaiya no matter what he does.

Mom: what did bhaiya do?

Sis: I don’t know, ask him only to whom he was talking to last night at 2, you won’t censure him for this but if I ask him to do my homework once in a blue moon(make it 5 days a week), I will be criticized like I am the one responsible for 9-11…..

Within a fraction of second, the focal point shifts and ultimately, I am the one over which the sinister flash light is now aimed. Needless to mention, next half an hour gets wasted in convincing, pleading and begging my mom that nothing like this happened.

Biased role of parents: it’s an unwritten law. Parents always take the side of the youngest; here I will cite some of the incidents that will stamp the afore-mentioned belief. · Whenever I am returning from college, I use to call my dad and ask “are you coming to station to pick me up?” Dad simply replies” why?? can’t you come alone, you are grown up now, manage yourself L, when my sister is returning from her college, she use to call dad and ORDERS “Dad, don’t you dare bring a Non-AC car to pick me up” and dad just replies “ sure beta sure”

· When I asked my dad for a laptop, I almost gave a power point presentation on the topic “why I need a lappy” giving instances of the usage of Wikipedia, e-books, software etc. In case of my sis, she just said that she can’t ask for her roommate’s laptop (in college) again and again whenever she wants to watch a movie. Within 3 days, she had one as compared to 1.5 months in my case.

· I got “4 in 1” video game cassette (remember those days??) that had games like “Aladdin” and “Jungle Book” in it after I scored 98 in maths in 10th board exams. My sister got a Sony Hi-Fi after she got 90 in the same.

· Whenever we are having an argument, my dad will support my sister, henceforth, she eventually wins. Trust me, I have lost even a debate “who is more important, School Principal or Prime Minister” even though I supported Prime Minister.

THE OTHER SIDE: the beautiful side. I guess I have to accept the fact that it was complete fun growing up with her.She is sweet, adorable and everyone in my family loves her. She knows she enjoys some extra privilege and some extra freedom from my parents but deep inside I knowif I would have been in the place of my parents, I would have done the same. She is so cute that you just can’t see her sad and will do anything that could bring a smile on her face. She lightens everyone’s mood no matter what we are going through. Her foolish mistakes, stupid talks and lamest excuses can make you burst in laughter.

And most importantly, she is a wonderful sis. Following are few set of incidents that I will cite once again (To readers, please hold your patience; it’s almost the last paragraph).

· Many times, she signed my report card, thanks to her incredible talent of replicating my dad’s signature.

· She would happily and elegantly draw all the diagrams in my bio practical notebook without any fuss.

· She helped me memorize all the answers of history, civics, geography (and even maths and science) during board exams.

· She made tea for me million times at mid night whenever I ask for.

· Loved the way she convinced dad that why I should have a laptop, repeated the same when I needed a Digicam.

· Whenever sweets are distributed in her school, she will bring few for me for sure.


I guess if I continue penning down every incident, I may end up writing till eternity. All I can say, loosing against her every single time was something that enthralled me. I feel amazed the way she acclimatizes to new place and then never complaining about the changes. I loved the way her small eyes twinkle when she gets what she is looking for. I feel honoured the way she started to understand her responsibilities much before I did.

In a nutshell,tedhi hai magar meri hai!Happy Rakhi sis and we still have got lot many memories to build and cherish.

PS: sis, the fight is still on

PPS: almost left blogging these daysL, paucity of time is to be blamed


Lilangel said...

Lovely Post :) I can so relate to the post :) :)

Live2cherish said...

Its my first time a your blog.
Very realistic post and so touchy.
Have fun.

Vinati said...

Wow...such a sweet post. It brought a big smile on my face. =)
Me and my brother, with almost same age difference, share a similar bond so I can connect with the post so very well. Trust me, it's fun to be the younger one. *evil laugh* ;)

murthy_thehandsome(?) said...

sexy post bro!! loved it... i think God has created the world with a rule that if u have a sister younger to u, then she will rule... very unfair but as u said its worth having a younger sister. We wud love God for this atleast!!
btw good to see ur blog after a long time yaar... seriously refresh ho gaya tera blog padke as usual... :)
keep rockin dude...

Alka Gurha said...

That is so sweet... I am sure your sis is overwhelmed.

zephyr said...

Being the youngest has its advantages; ask me, I should know :P

Lovely write-up and so true. And after all those fights, the fact that the love is strong is what matters.

Raghu V N said...

Great! Brilliant! You are very lucky to have a sister like this!

Smita said...

lol.I can sense some jealousy there :p of not being a girl :p or a younger sister to a brother ,to be precise :p
funny post ;) loved the way you have written it

vineet said...

@lilangel: thnk u,pleasure is all mine

@vinati: yaa, u young guns do shoot us evry nw n den n evrytym we r d victim,nywaz we lv to loose...btw loved ur comment

@live2cherish:thnks n u too hv fun

@alka: well, she doesnt knw dat i hv written this fr her, sad bt true

vineet said...

@murthy:bhaiii, dhanyawaad, abey apan ek hee kagaz ke phool aka fool hai, saale saath hee bhagtenge yeh beheno ka atyachaar, unwritten law u see

@zephyr:thnks man,good to read ur views, i m overwhelmed n daymm the bond nvr gonna break is the best part of it

@raghu: yaa i m,thns god fr dis

@smita:yeaah jealouy was like elephant's teeth, deep inside i knw i m so obliged to hv a sis lyk her

Rishika Sharma said...

now.. this was cute.. :) <3

Ishiyetaa Saxena said...

And so well written! :D

Following you now :)

aditi rastogi said...

PS- i am the elder sister but yet i enjoy all the biases;)

Live2cherish said...

Updates please!!! Need to read something :)

Live2cherish said...

I am unable to see your latest post, though I get notufications of it. Any particular reason?

MangoMan said...

CUTE! Relived some good old days of mine for a long time after reading this!

Uma Uthra said...

osssum re :) i'v an yungr bro n cud totally relate to dis post :)

Anonymous said...

To the point and written well, thanks much for the info

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vineet said...

@last commnt: WTF,spam u SOB

@ UU: hee thnks re, kahnai ghar ghar kee :P

@mangoman: pleasure is all mine

@live2cherish: all fr u man, coming soon

vineet said...

@rishika sharma: thnks

@ishiyetaa saxena:thnks a lot, nt very regular dis days here,btw nice name u hv got

@aditi:uff,wenevr gals, story changes, daymm me:P

rutuja hendre said...

hey hi....
v don know each other.....
par mast hai yaar....
i wish i had a elder brother...who could pen down things about me...
ur sister is really lucky...

Mak Preist said...

AWESOME!! nice informative site. Do visit my website

Vaibhav.. said...

what an awesome piece of writing brother..its so beautifully written that i was picturizing all of the incidents makes me realize that how much i miss as i dont have a sister..:(
very very happy for you vineet...hope u both hav a lot and lot to cherish!!