Thursday, November 19, 2009

Golden Night

Perhaps my last post on ragging...aahhhh...being ragged.

10 p.m.
Friday Night.
Near cafeteria.
Golden night is the night when you are ragged for the last time...all you can expect in this dead silence of night is ruthlessness at its Everest peak.
We were 10 minutes late to our final destination i.e. the ragging spot.

Scene 1
Senior: Give me a valid reason why you are late.
Pankaj(refreshing his concepts of relativity):Sir, when we were coming, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction as a result of which our relative velocity reduced and we reached late.
Dev(heights of civil Engineering):Sir, due to excessive heat, the tar and charcoal on the road expanded as a result of which the distance between our hostel and this place increased.Hence, we got late.
Gosh!! some one rightly said:Two most common elements in universe are hydrogen and stupidity.
In latter we did our B.Tech.
Sr.then turned towards me and said: So vineet!what's your stand on this?
me: Sir,to err is human.
Sr.(with an affectionate smile): To forgive is not my policy dear.
Me(thinking):PJ..what a crap!
Flabbergasted we were, when he didn't do anything fishy at that moment of time.

Scene 2
We all, the so called 1st years(zero according to them), were sitting in a semi-circular pattern with an incharge-in-chief Sr. at the centre. Rest all seniors encircling us. Our condition was like mice caged in a snake-house prompt to be ingurgitated at any moment of time.

Sr. who was sitting at the centre was half drunk(take it in a +ve way,he was still half empty).Placed in Accenture this guy started narrating a story...
There was a lion who went to a jungle alone.
(suddenly with full swing of hand, he slapped Arpit)
Story continued
He saw a cat there and asked "are you single"
dhaaaadddd..this time Himanshu was the victim.
Cat replied"No, I am happily married and have two kids" chotu and munni" got lucky.

The blessed story of his( and the tragic story of ours) went for around 15 minutes with eventually a cow being sent to Mars at the climax.I don't remember what happened in between except all those 50 slaps that were rained all over us in that quick succession.All I can say..HIGH PERFORMANCE......DELIVERED". Awesome publicity of his company.

Afterward there were lot of surprise games enwrapped for us to suffer and them to relish. Numerous free gifts(why they call it free gifts,Aren't all gifts free) were veiled as well.

1. Anchor 1 Minute: In 1 minute, I have to slap the neighbor mate as many times as possible and vice versa.The looser (who slapped less no. of times ) later on, was slammed by equal number of times by the margin he the seniors. Everytime,it was me who lost....
Interesting one naa, try this at home with your siblings.

Indian Idol:No qualification required.We all, one by one, performed on the dais, the so called patriotic song of our college."yeh NIT ki basti hai'
Can't write the second line else you all will report my blog abuse.

Bournvita Quiz Contest:Play with the girl next door.The seniors asked every minute detail of almost all other girls of our college.Can't go in details, though you can imagine what they asked. Wrong, incomplete, non-attempted answers lead to our asses being hanged till death.

The excruciation carried on and on for around 2a.m. Finally, they made us to stand in a line and ask us to close our eyes.We expected another round of nukes being dropped on to us but this time..well,it was finally over.They handed us the very awaited FRESHER'S invitation.

They all hugged us subsequetly,shook hands,wished all the best and all sorts of "Hum saath saath hai " drama supervened. Himanshu kissed the card in air as if Bill Gates has written all his property in that card. In jubilation, some of us even cried.Some like me faked to cry.Dev,as usual, overacting..."Sir,we didn't expected this today".Though everyone of us was damn sure about this invitation stuff.

Next day, the only thing I remember was, I purchased a tube of Boro Plus to apply it on my tormented cheeks.Even I joined a community in orkut "I love Boro Plus".

What next in my blogpost,I don't know.


Raghu V N said...

Pity to hear that the entertainment (so far) is over but, I am eagerly waiting for your next post!!

Sorcerer said...! its entertainment ofcourse..but done in a sensible has fun and it helps us to make new friends.
even we had a ragging thingy and I had posted about it in blog.somewhere.

thanks for the good read buddy!

oRange* said...

im totally against ragging ..but i liked ur post!
nicely written! funny

Urvashi said...

wow...i simply love the way u write........!!

awesome one..rly a nicely penned down memory :)

Neha said...

haha...nice read!!!
that was a hilarious scene you mentioned...
thankfully i was never ragged till dat1e :P


Himanshu Karki said...

hey man u really rock!!

i always have the same joy as i had in reading 5 point some1

this one was again a very amusing and amazing it

Akhila said...

hey....i'm reading ur story for the 1st time and i kind of like it :)....gr8 work!!!!
and i recently joined this blogging world in which i feel very relaxed,imaginative, and the best platform where we can pen down our thoughts,views,imaginations.....and lastly people's comments can give a great encouragement and i need ur help in this new journey.....thank you and once again nice blog!!!:)

murthy_thehandsome(?) said...

hey vineet kool man...awesome way of expression as usual which is not new to u... dude u have a great gift... utilising it proprly.... i always become nostalgic after reading ur blogs... seriously kaha gaye wo din....
keep rocking mate..
looking forward for ur next post...

why don't u write about how did u take ur juniors ragging in ur next one./...

Rachit Goel said...

Maybe you could help us by including your author information about yourself...
Thank God, we don't have a bit of ragging in our college...

Vikas Kumar said...

VINEET, i want link exchange with you add my blog in your link list at ur sidebar and comment on my blog. i will do the same.