Friday, September 18, 2009

Cigarette Smoking Rox

Last night, I was sitting alone
Chilly wind, all around it was cold
Was shivering, no heat to delight
God perhaps mocked at my plight.

I stared above at the clouded heaven
Smiled gently on the heartless demon
Felt helpless but urged n said
Not interested in the game u played.

I needed someone to alleviate my pain
Something that can offer me shoulder, a helping hand
Alas! I was alone, no one was there,
My hand shook, head drop dead.

Suddenly a brain wave hit my mind.
The idea felt like a magic ride
I then searched the pocket for the thing I liked
It was there resting still.. aside

8.4 cm long , white in color
Standing erect, slim in figure.
Composed of crude tar and burly bread
People call it "bloody cigarette "

I took the 1st puff inside my lungs
My head spinned, had a fit of cough
Gave a kick to my mind
Felt like heaven, I slept at nine

Awesome lovely white cigar
How I wonder what you are.
Up the rings goes in the sky
Cigarette smokers always on high

Statuary Warning: Smoking is injurious to health

The blog is dedicated to WILLS CLASSIC ULTRA MILDS.


Anoop said...

the last para rocks.. ;)

RITESH said...

Hey ...nice one.....

Karthik said...

Nice try, dude! Looking forward to more of such things. Keep writing!

R S V said...

Hey, visit my blog
there is something waiting for you :)
Hope you like it:)
I will definitely read your blog after some time..

R S V said...

phod diya yaar...
waise I don't smoke...

Naveen kumar said...

This could be an anthem for the smokers :P

snehashish said...

last para ne to macha dee yaar
Sahi me ekdum anthem hai yaar ye to!!
yaar ab raat ko akele phookna padta hai :(


Tanima said...

Nice take on smoking!

shashank said...

nyc one dude...
the virtues of smokin have seldom been realised.. :)

vamsi said...

good one bro..:)

Sorcerer said...

nice one..


vineet said...

@snehashish..thnks a lot dear..miss the joy of askin cigarettes frm u almost evrynite..missin u..
thnks all

G.R said...

Pooja Menon said...

Amazing.. Loved your style of rhyming the words.. The 'twinkle twinkle' version of yours really rocked..!! Even I have written a poem on 'the white friend' (cigarette) in my blog.. But u certainly beat me here.. :-D

bilal.... said...

nobdy wud hve praised cigarette as much as u did :D

Joye 510 said...

If anyone knows of any companies in the US let me know. I actually emailed SKY Cig to see if I could get the rights to their product in the USA, doubt that will happen though ;)