Sunday, August 30, 2009

SLAPoginity lost..

This post is dedicated to those who still have the courage and forbearance to go through this one.

Continuing from the last post

At 11p.m. 7th Block terrace

Guys, going to seniors at that instant of time felt like jumping off the wrong side of volcanic Mt. Fuji. I was quite aware of the package God has enwrapped for me that night.

So, at the 7th block terrace, 5 seniors beleaguering me.

One of the senior: So Vineet, Whose mistake it was..we seniors or Mousumi? (refer last post)

Vineet( that’s me, the multitasker, who screws everything at the same time):Sir, you (pinpointing the fellows culminated to atrocious aftermath)

Senior(grinning): What’s your present score (= how many slaps you have enjoyed from day1 of ragging)?

Me: zero

Stunned, bedazed , they gave that “How you saved your ass” look. Believe me, Their verbalism was just like that of the FBIs who have the convict of Michael Jackson murder in their custody but not prosecuted yet.


1 of the senior: Vineet, Look Up.

I did

Senior: look down

I did

Senior: look right

I did

Senior: look left

I did

Senior: look front


I almost did

My face turned 45 degrees in the x-y plane towards my right.

Dhaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddd( yet again, this time someone from the right)

My face back to origin looking front.

Guys, me got bedazzled. I sobbed. Tears trickled down my aghast eyes through my intumesced cheeks dribbling on the ground. I wasn’t wailing like mummy, mummy sort of but rather I whimpered with spasmodic breaths in between. Perhaps, air was trying to enter my lungs but failed. And about THRASHing them with my punch, SLAMMing their heads against the door, leaving them lifelong CRIPPLE and BATTERing their chins down, well, all gone with the wind. Hence, this way guys, I lost my SLAPoginity

Trust me, I was so perplexed that I really felt that God has given me the Middle Finger because of these people only .However, One thing was sure. No matter what they say and how many times they change their opinion, the fact remains the same…THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

And about the Lesson learned, well that is something in a rather serious note: Life is not an I-POD..listening your favorite’s a RADIO you must tune yourself to enjoy.. whatever comes in it.

PIZZA tragedy in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Life is not an I-POD..listening your favorite’s a RADIO you must tune yourself to enjoy.. whatever comes in it.
well said.....

but don't you think that if it would have been i-pod we would have been easily bored by listening to all the good stuff in one go!!

and just for the record....
my blog has beenn shifted to

Manu Sinha said...
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Manu Sinha said...

I-pod one is the msg i got few days back... and half the words in your blog seems to be out of oxford dictionary.. even those words which are in dictionary will require lotsa effort searching..

Anonymous said...

check out my latest post!!

vineet said...

@manu..u suck

Pratik said...

Nice post!

angel from heaven said...

OMG does this type of things happen in India? Ragging???In UK it would be classed as bullying resulting in instant expelling.