Friday, October 9, 2009

ragging incidents continued....

Another set of incidents here to prove that you are just helpless when it comes to ragging.
1 of my 3rd year Senior-Vineet, what is the phone no. of Pankaj.
me: sir, 9866564765
Sr. : Himanshu's no.
Sr.(a bit irked):whats the phone no. of Arpit.
me: 9440584484
Sr.(now annoyed): mousumi?
Sr. (thermometer rising): Dev's?
me: 9346359879
Sr. (now baffled, "how dare u answer"kinda gesture); tell me Dev's mausajee phone no.( Dev's mother's sister's husband)
Me: "wwwhaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt"was my 1st reaction(straight away out of the syllabus question, I mean I m damn sure either Dev, neither Dev'mother nor Dev's mother's sister would have memorized that phone number, how the the hell he(Sr.) thinks that I know that or perhaps he was sure that atleast I wont be knowing it)

And he was ............... Right

Sorry sir, I dont know,I replied.
Sr.( a certain kind of content smile emanated on his face,a sort of "huh, so I won eventually"type of)
He came near to me and said "baby u r gone"

And again the same old story.. same old masterSTROKES and the same bloated cheeks next morning.

another atrocious case

Around 9 p.m. near cafetaria during the period when our ragging sessions became rather intense.
1 final year Sr. to Arpit( 1 of the most cutest boy of the college, because of the presence of these types of guys only, many fought for legalization of gay marriages in India): Tell my present year in the college Arpit.
Arpit: sir, 4th year
again, tell my college year arpit
arpit(rather bewildered): sir, 4/4
chatttttaaak again
Sr. : (and then he answered)abey bastard...Final year,final year.
so, this was the answer he was expecting.
I was shocked..what these assholes want carry a book of thesauraus with us so that we become well versed with synonyms..sucksssssss

Then, 1 of the our third year senior apporached me and asked :tell my year.
me: (me a bit frightened) sir, semi-final year.
They burst out in imidiate seniors came and said: it means that we are quarter final year students and you people are league year students.Couple of slaps and session OVER.


Karthik said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it, dude. "Semi-final year?" lol... nice one...
You write about these ragging incidents very well, man. And I guess this installment is coming after a long time..
Keep writing!

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

muasajee's no. :O .. WTH !!
These things real ??

Ravi said...

Awesome dude....ur writing is so well and jst remembrin me the frst year....Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

u in which year now??

Priya said...

good work!!

Anonymous said...

gr8 job goin here........

Nethra A said...

Your seniors were really assholes. You should give them back nicely.

gaurav said...

arpit n legalisation of gay rules was simply bindas 2 read!!

Priya said...

I never had ragging events and after reading ur post, I am sooo glad and thankful

dumb kangaroo said...

oh wow. this is what happens at NITW? boring info, but my dad is a REC warangal graduate and i never believed his ragging stories...which i have heard many many times in these last 2 decades.

Mani Lalwani said...

I love the way u describe the ragging incidents. I could relate so well.. keep writing :)

NIKHIL said...

semi final year.....awesome...kya scene hua hoga wo....